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Slow FoodIn response to the recent earthquake tragedy in Italy that has killed 228, injured 1,500 and left 25,000 homeless, Slow Food has launched an international fundraising effort for the victims:

*You can also donate directly online at Global Giving.

Appeal for Abruzzo Earthquake Victims
An update on the situation facing the Slow Food network across the region was provided by Raffaele Cavallo, the President of Slow Food AbruzzoMolise… ‘I believe that this is the moment to display our solidarity with each of these individuals. To this end, the Slow Food network is helping to provide hospitality across the region to those who have been worst hit by the fury of the earthquake,’ wrote President Cavallo.
While we wait for the pressing emergencies to be resolved, and for Slow Food Abruzzo to undertake an evaluation of the best ways to use any funds raised by our movement, Slow Food has launched an international fundraising effort. Anyone who would like to make a contribution can do so on the donate page of our Terra Madre site, writing ‘Abruzzo Earthquake’ in the surname field, following your surname itself. Click here to make a donation. For further information, please email:
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