I’m a mother, artist and writer with an AN/ED child who believes in the power of family-supported, evidence-based, as well as a wholistic and individualized approach to compassionate care for the eating disordered.

I also believe that parents can make a difference through their caregiving experience, direct knowledge and become a continued voice for advocacy, change and improvement within ED treatment, research, and recovery.

However, I don’t believe that parents or clinicians have all or the only answers and input, or that one “method” or form of therapy is the only path to Eating Disorder recovery.

I don’t support heavy proselytizing, or endless self-promotion and brow-beating by individuals, foundations and/or non-profits which work predominantly towards building a name-$$ for themselves and or facility-practice that focuses upon capitalizing on sufferers and their families.

– T. Mere

contact: t-mere_cares@sbcglobal.net